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MTG, team pride
It would be impossible to reach our goal of leadership and customer orientation, without an organisation boasting a high level of performance, based on a team of excellent professionals forged in commitment and confidence in their company mission, service to customers and the constant contribution of improvements and added value.

MTG is fully aware of the importance of its staff’s well being, as this facilitates a stimulating and motivating working environment that in turn promotes high performance and maximum efficacy.

We promote and foster development of the individual in the company through the maintenance of transparent and integrating work schemes based on management by objectives and professional evaluation, which make it possible to share and develop management and responsibility criteria.

We foster the delegation of operating responsibilities, reinforcing our market orientation and customer services as the cornerstone for contributing to accomplishing best results.

We develop
high-performance multidisciplinary teams geared towards the creation of new concepts and problem solving..

We respond to the constant challenges of individual training and professional improvement in knowledge and management processes, as well as in the development of management skills.

Our people are core value.
This is why MTG always responds.



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