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Press Kit 2018 featuring detailed information about our company, products and services.
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Shows how the MTG teeth are self sharpening, maintaining its shape throughout its wear life.
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The MTG Systems Starmet teeth and adapters, your best option for any application.
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Excavator equipped with starmet teeth and protectors, ready for duty.
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MTG Systems Starmet, now available in new sizes.
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The new range of MTG hammerless bucket lip protectors.
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An example of our MTG twist hammerless system: easy and safe to assemble and disassemble.
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Heavy duty excavator equipped with MTG Systems Starmet teeth and adapters.
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Bulldozer equipped with MTG ripmet tooth and adapter.
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MTG Systems Ripmet for bulldozers.
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Excavator machine using MTG Systems Starmet teeth and adapters.

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