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*Including assembling and welding instructions when available.



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Bucket protection systems for heavy mining

Bucket protection system for hydraulic excavators over 350 tons, draglines and some electric rope shovel configurations, with buckets fitted with a cast lip.

MTG Systems TwinMet, reliability and ruggedness for heavy mining
System characteristics

The new MTG Systems TwinMet system features an innovative tooth-adapter hammerless locking system made up of 3 parts: the tooth, the intermediate adapter and the nose, which can be fused or welded to the lip.

MTG Systems TwinMet hammerless locking system
Conical pin makes assembly and disassembly of the parts easy.

Benefits of the system


The design of the nose offers greater robustness to the system and more resistance in maximum tension areas.

The large stabilization areas improve contact between parts and reduce the stress that can occur between them.

The fitting system allows load stresses and traction to be reduced.


Horizontal stabilization in multiple axes leads to increased system reliability.

Optimal adjustment between parts improves reliability and reduces their wear.

Hammerless locking system: Conical pin makes assembly and disassembly of the parts easy.


Optimum tooth box design that allows an increased wear material ratio.

Reversible system. Parts can be turned around, if necessary.

Tooth designs specific for hydraulic excavators over 350 t. and draglines that offer a high penetration capacity and self-sharpening.

Product Range
Hydraulic Excavators >350 t. and draglines
Product Category Design Image Size References Description
Tooth U 5-4 NEW
TwinMet solid tooth (intermediate adapter+tooth)
U 5-4 MT4U TwinMet Universal* Tooth
EX 5-4 MT4EX TwinMet Heavy Duty* Tooth
W 5-4 MT4W TwinMet Double Vector* Tooth
P 5-4 MT4P TwinMet Penetration* Tooth
Intermediate adapter MT 5-4 5MT54 TwinMet intermediate adapter Size 5-4*
MTX 5-4 5MT54X Extra Intermediate TwinMet Adapter Size 5-4*
Weld-on nose WN-H 5-4 NEW
TwinMet 1MT5WN-H size 5-4 horizontal chamfer weld-on-nose.
WN 5-4 1MT5WN Weld-on nose 1MT5WN Weld-on nose TwinMet Size 5-4
Pin P 5-4 2MT5P TwinMet pin for intermediate adapter
P 5-4 2MT4P TwinMet Pin for the tooth
Extraction Tool N/A 5-4 3MJ 1” Extraction Tool

*Includes retainer

Success Story
MTG Systems TwinMet in Ponferrada (Spain)
Reliability, ease and durability for large hydraulic excavators

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