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MTG LHD Lip System, bucket protection for underground mining

Welded lip shroud system for low-profile Underground Mining Load-Haul-Dump Loaders that maximize bucket penetration and machine productivity.

MTG LHD Lip System, weldable shrouds for low-profile underground mining loaders

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the new range of LHD bucket lip shrouds for mining loaders maximize penetration and offer better bucket protection, ensuring better productivity from low-profile loaders.


Streamlined design that optimizes bucket penetration and reliability.
The new "Ultra Slim" streamlined design has been specifically optimized for LHD loaders, maximizing penetration in underground mines and avoiding the accumulation of materials typical to other wider designs.

Manufactured in Europe, the LHD Lip System is produced with the new steel alloy
, MET73W, developed to the strictest quality controls (including AOD process control) to maximize the hardness and protection of the bucket without loosing the weldability of steel.

Self-sharpening of the shroud that increases wear life.
The design of the weldable LHD blade shrouds has been specifically optimized to stay sharp throughout the progressive loss of wear material, maintaining penetration capacity for longer.

With no risk of shroud loss
The welded system eliminates shroud loss from the equation, reducing machine downtimes due to GET-related incidents.

Reduction of fuel and tire consumption.
The "Ultra Slim" shroud design considerably increases bucket penetration, reducing fuel consumption and tire wear.

Paint-free protection system for the weldable area.
The paint-free finish system in the weldable areas reduces shroud instalation time.


The new MTG LHD lip shroud references available for LHD mining loaders are:

Reference table:

Reference Description Lip width Blade angle
4MLHD38C1050-7 Central shroud 38mm 1.5” 7.5
4MLHD38L696-7 Left intermediate shroud
4MLHD38R696-7 Right intermediate shroud
4MLHD38LC189-7 Left corner shroud
4MLHD38RC189-7 Right corner shroud



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