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Construction Days Report 04-06-2019

Between the 20th and the 22nd of February, we had the pleasure of hosting some of our European distributors on occasion of the 2019 edition of Construction Days, an event aimed at sharing MTG’s mid and long term roadmap with our business partners, while facilitating a collaborative environment.

We rose to the occasion by preparing a programme that contemplated both formal aspects and debate and leisure activities, aimed at making the Conference more entertaining.

On the first day, the Chief Executive Officer and the Vice-President for Dealers Sales gave presentations at the event that dealt with strategic issues, both projecting a positive outlook. Then it was time for the sales presentation, during which stock improvement-related novelties were unveiled and upcoming promotions launched.

One of the event’s objectives was to exclusively announce the new products and launches we would be presenting at Bauma 2019. To this end, among others, the Product Innovation and Development department presented CoMet, our new system for construction, and Digital Solutions by MTG, our G.E.T. detection and pinpointing service.

MTG’s headquarters are based in Barcelona, a perfect location that allowed us to integrate leisure, culture and cuisine into the conference.

MTG’s foundry in Monzón was the star of the show on the second day of the event. The new facilities were well worth a visit by our distributors following the improvements that started in 2018 and that are still ongoing, and it was also the perfect occasion to remind them about aspects relating to the production and quality control processes that have earned MTG’s G.E.T. its well-established reputation.

From among the collaborative activities organised, new products were presented and Marketing aspects were discussed in small groups of regions presenting similarities, the intention being to deal with each market’s needs and peculiarities in order to offer our distributors the very best support.

Fun was also a factor during the closure of the Conference. However well prepared in advance, we did not expect a simple game to turn out so entertaining and generate so much debate and competition between the teams. The winning team stood out on account of the skill shown when it came to answering questions about MTG’s history and the issues dealt with throughout the two days of the event, and ended up taking home an attractive Marketing budget allocation.

As an alternative activity for the third day, our distributors went on a guided visit of our logistics centre in Barcelona. The Planning and Logistics Director showed participants the facilities and logistic flows and our warehouses’ stock volumes.

We are delighted to be able to receive our distributors on a periodic basis, and firmly believe in the benefits the event brings to all involved. We would like to thank you for having expressed your satisfaction about this year’s event, and have already started work on the next edition, as we wish to maintain the same level moving forward.

See you again in future Construction Days!

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