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We are broadening the TwinMet product range 02-10-2017

We present new products to broaden our TwinMet range for draglines and hydraulic excavators.

MTG has created a new solid tooth that combines - in a single, solid piece - the tooth and the intermediate adapter, which traditionally make up the TwinMet three-part system, namely the intermediate adapter, the tooth and the locking system.

The new MT5U is available in size 5 and has been designed for draglines or large hydraulic excavators operating with heavy mining applications. The solid tooth boasts a mechanism of self-sharpening panels for greater, improved penetration.

Another of the innovations presented for the MTG Systems TwinMet is the new version of the TwinMet size 5 weld-on nose version for 300 to 500-ton hydraulic excavators and cast lip draglines.

This new component (1MT5WN-H) boasts the same main characteristics as the standard (1MT5WN) nose, the main difference being the rear chamfer, which has been designed in such a way that it facilitates the process of welding when carried out horizontally from the higher or lower sections of the nose. In line with our objective of offering a customized service, this nose is an adaptation of the standard (1MT5WN) nose, designed to satisfy a need communicated to us by our clients.

New 1MT5WN-H weld-on nose and MT5U tooth design.
Twinmet’s 3-part system, with a separate nose and intermediate adapter.
The self-sharpening panels improve tooth penetration.
Comparison of the standard 1MT5WN (b) nose’s chamfer versus the new 1MT5WN-H (a) nose adaptation’s chamfer.
Comparison of the standard 1MT5WN (a) nose’s chamfer versus the new 1MT5WN-H (b) nose adaptation’s chamfer.

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